Mental Health Cooperative Selects Pivotal to Innovate Consumer Care

Pivotal and Blue Wing implement strategy for mid-sized health agency

Vancouver, BC, June 11, 2002 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of sensible customer relationship management (CRM) software for mid-sized enterprises, today announced that Mental Health Cooperative, Inc. (MHC), a not-for-profit organization that serves 4,500 seriously mentally ill, low-income consumers, will standardize on Pivotal to further its mission to help its consumers achieve the highest possible quality of life. Using Pivotal, MHC will streamline the management of consumer, employee and provider relationships to create a more responsive and accountable agency. The Pivotal software will be implemented in partnership with BlueWing Inc., a leading healthcare solutions provider and technology consultant.

“We scoured the market for a software suite that would allow us to realize our vision of becoming a highly responsive and efficient health agency,” said Pam Womack, CEO, Mental Health Cooperative, Inc. “We found that the market is saturated with products that are either too costly and complex, or extremely limited in functionality. Pivotal stood out from the crowd – its architecture, applications and flexible business style are the perfect fit for our mid-sized agency.”

Streamlining Efficiencies for Better Consumer Care

Located throughout Tennessee, MHC is a mental health agency dedicated to helping those low-income consumers who suffer from serious mental illnesses achieve the highest possible quality of life. The agency employs more than 300 doctors, nurses, pharmacists, case managers and corporate administrators that work together to meet a wide variety of consumer needs. Prior to Pivotal, MHC stored consumer information in multiple databases across the agency – creating massive amounts of paper work, higher operational costs and inefficiencies in cross-functional communication. Using Pivotal, MHC will streamline its operational efficiencies by creating a single, comprehensive view of the consumer.

Every employee at MHC will be empowered with real-time access to consumer information based upon stringent security rights. With a centralized system, employees can quickly access comprehensive consumer records pertinent to their role. For example, doctors at MHC will be able to view a consumer’s complete mental health history including behavioral changes, treatment plans, prescribed medications and reactions /side effects, event triggers and a list of all providers who have participated in the treatment of the consumer. Leveraging this information, MHC can offer consumers better treatment, greater care and improved strategies for managing their lives.

In addition to improving operational efficiencies, MHC will also be able to improve human resource efficiencies by moving the current paper-based system online. Human resources is a vital component of MHC, as the department is responsible for managing a rigorous credentialing process and continuous training efforts to keep physician licensing and clinician credentials current. By moving employee records online, human resources will be empowered with the ability to run comprehensive queries to quickly identify employees needing additional instruction to meet the certification requirements of the state board.

Enhancing Care Through Service ‘Provider’ Relationships

Upon registering with MHC, consumer information will be immediatley entered into the Pivotal system and a case manager will automatically be assigned to supervise the success of the consumer’s mental health treatment plan. The system makes an automatic match by comparing the consumer’s needs, preferences and location with a case manager’s mental health specialty, availability and provider agency relationships. Using Pivotal, MHC has found a better way to provide service and treat consumers with an unprecedented degree of respect.

MHC services go beyond mental health treatment -- over the course of the relationship, a case manager will ensure that a wide variety of the consumer’s needs are met. These needs may include in-patient hospital care, housing placement, food and medication subsidies, or legal assistance. To meet the additional needs of the consumer, MHC has established a tight network of dozens of provider entities. All provider information will be stored in the Pivotal system to create a collaborative inter-company framework to locate appropriate services, exchange knowledge and synchronize consumer care. As a result, MHC can significantly reduce the costs associated with managing providers and building more effective relationships for extended consumer care.

The Next Steps: Customization for Technology Innovation

According to Louie Johnston, nationally recognized health care process and technology consultant for Blue Wing Inc. “Mental Health Cooperative is taking technology and innovation to the next level – and doing so to improve business efficiencies, decrease costs and deliver the highest quality of care to its consumers. Using Pivotal as its technology infrastructure, MHC is taking a first-of-its-kind approach to mental healthcare delivery.”

The system is designed to record every business activity including telecommunications. Each night, the system can download data containing all telecommunications made from the agency, or employee cell phones, allowing supervisors to match call activities logged in the Pivotal system, then instantly notify the appropriate doctor, nurse or caseworker of the event. According to Johnston, “This completely revolutionizes staff accountability using independent verification. In fact, MHC can also use the Pivotal system to track each case manager’s log of home visits with the GSP (Global Satellite Positioning) mobile units – now, MHC can provide service delivery independently, calculate business mileage independently, and achieve activity based costing daily, without human involvement.”

According to Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal, “CRM is a powerful source not only for managing business efficiencies, but also for improving the service for organizations that address significant social issues. MHC is evolving its agency and using CRM to serve its consumers faster and more efficiently than ever before. The combined expertise of BlueWing and Pivotal is empowering MHC to quickly implement its visionary strategy.”

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