Kronos Selects Pivotal for Enterprise-Wide CRM Implementation

Kronos, The Optimal Health Company delivers responsive, customer-focused healthcare that fits busy lifestyles

Vancouver, BC, March 19, 2002 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of sensible customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that Kronos, The Optimal Health Company, has selected Pivotal’s CRM software, including Pivotal Contact Center, for enterprise-wide implementation. Using Pivotal, the company aims to advance its ability to deliver top-notch preventive healthcare to its clients.

Kronos is the premier provider of preventive medicine products and services to help clients achieve and maintain optimal health. The company is an integrated healthcare delivery network comprised of four divisions: Kronos Optimal Health Centre, Kronos Science Laboratory, Kronos Compounding Pharmacy and Kronos Connect.

“Optimal health is a priority for our clients, but they have hectic lives – so our strategy is to adapt our business to make access to our services easier and more convenient for them,” said Geoff Duke, vice president of knowledge systems, Kronos. “Pivotal will enable us to do business in a flexible way that offers our clients personalized healthcare advice, products and services by phone, over the Internet and in-person. Pivotal provides us with advanced CRM functionality for a sensible cost – it was clearly the right technical and business fit for our needs.”

The Kronos Healthcare Community

Until now, Kronos had the challenge of managing a vast client base and a healthcare network of physicians, pharmacists and lab technicians, without a unified system for tracking and sharing information across the company. Vital information was stored in a variety of separate databases across its divisions.

Using Pivotal, Kronos will share information quickly, easily and confidentially across the company. Kronos employees will access a single profile for each client detailing healthcare needs, goals and relationship history. The Pivotal system will allow Kronos to recognize service trends and identify the right combination of Kronos products and services for the client’s optimal health.

Fast, Responsive Healthcare via Phone or Internet

Kronos will use Pivotal Contact Center to create a multi-channel call center that supports voice, email, text, chat, Web collaboration and fax.

According to Duke, “The ability to easily customize Pivotal and quickly integrate it with other enterprise software will allow us to provide faster client service through a dynamic contact center. This contact center will be a powerful convenience for our clients and an important leap forward in our technical capabilities.”

Kronos will use Pivotal’s advanced CRM capabilities in the Kronos Connect call center to provide a custom-tailored, fully functionally outsourced contact center. Using the solution, call center agents will easily resolve requests, deliver consistent service, minimize service costs and up-sell and cross-sell using intuitive, personalized service portals. The solution will empower Kronos’ highly skilled call center agents with the latest technology to efficiently capture, track, manage, escalate and resolve client service or support requests.

According to Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal, “Kronos is using Pivotal to reshape the way they do business by opening up new methods of servicing and communicating with patients. Pivotal continues to deliver business benefits to the healthcare industry by helping these companies as they adapt their business processes to meet the evolving needs of customers and adjust to changing market conditions.”

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Kronos, The Optimal Health Company

Kronos, The Optimal Health Company is the premier provider of preventive medicine products and services to help clients achieve and maintain optimal health. The company is an integrated healthcare delivery network specializing in the practice and technologies of early risk detection and intervention in age-related diseases. With corporate offices in Phoenix, Ariz., and operating divisions in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Nev. and Louisville, Ky. Kronos employs approximately 200 professionals in the fields of science, medicine, technology, pharmacology, customer service, sales and marketing. For more information, visit

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