Global Manufacturing Company Uses Pivotal to Deliver Rapid Customer Results

Atlas Copco speeds up its selling process; empowers sales force with assisted selling and order accuracy

Vancouver, BC, March 13, 2002 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of sensible customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that Atlas Copco, a global manufacturing company, has fully deployed Pivotal Interactive Selling in 18 languages. The company is using Pivotal’s software to provide its internal product development teams, market specialists and sales professionals with a Web-based sales configurator for assisted selling.

Atlas Copco is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and employs more than 26,000 people around the world. The company is leveraging Pivotal in its Compressor Technique division to manage product design, development sales and manufacturing processes globally for industrial and mobile compressors, generators, air dryers, after-coolers and filters. Approximately 200 product models with more than 1,500 options are sold and serviced through the company’s worldwide network. With the high degree of product complexity, sales professionals were constantly challenged to handle customer requests for information and quotes. As a result, Atlas Copco turned to Pivotal for a cost-effective solution that would improve sales efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.

“Atlas Copco is stepping up to provide our customers with fast, intelligent service and results,” said Jan Carlier, manager of development, Atlas Copco Airpower N.V. “Pivotal’s flexible, easy-to-maintain software enabled us to streamline and automate the sales and product configuration processes. The sales reps have a new tool that gives them instantaneous access to the products that best fit customer needs and related product information. This enhances our customer service and improves our information flow.”

Product Configuration and Order Accuracy

Pivotal’s Interactive Selling Solution is a comprehensive product suite that includes Pivotal eSales, Pivotal Configurator, Pivotal Advisor, Pivotal Quoter and Pivotal Catalog. Pivotal Interactive Selling simplifies the buying and selling of complex products and services with interactive needs analysis and intelligent guided selling capabilities.

Prior to implementing Pivotal Interactive Selling, a typical customer engagement in Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique division could have involved numerous calls and queries by a salesperson to configure a product to a customer’s specification. The sales person would be in constant interactions with manufacturing, product and market specialists who would help configure the product to meet the customer’s specifications. And there could be additional requests and modifications requiring more iteration.

Today, sales people have interactive selling capabilities to easily navigate through a myriad of products, options and technical specifications that are necessary to quickly configure products to meet the needs of the customer. The intuitive interface captures customer requirements; evaluates business rules and constraints; and then generates a product configuration and proposal based on exact customer specifications. The Pivotal software is tightly integrated to seven legacy technology systems to create a single unified customer and product database. As a result, Atlas Copco has improved its response times - both to customer inquiries and order fulfillment.

Ensuring Order Accuracy

Atlas Copco is also using Pivotal to ensure order accuracy and drive the success of Atlas Copco’s zero inventory policy. Pivotal Interactive Selling is designed to accommodate real-time changes to product information, technical data and market specifications – so, salespeople receive up-to-date inventory and product information without the need to directly involve the product design and manufacturing departments. By empowering Atlas Copco with the technologies to make real-time updates to product rules and constraints, the Pivotal system prevents salespeople from sending incorrect orders to manufacturing - ensuring that the decisions made on the front-end accurately reflect the availability of products and services on the back-end.

According to John O’Hara, executive vice president of EMEA, Pivotal, “Atlas Copco is taking customer service and personalization to new levels. By leveraging the Pivotal solution, the company is building relationships with prospects and customers that lead to increased revenue, margins and customer loyalty.”

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