CAM Commerce Solutions Standardizes on Pivotal, Achieves ROI

Software company manages 12,000 customers and 60,000 service calls using Pivotal

Vancouver, BC, March 12, 2002 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL; TSE: PVT), the leading provider of sensible customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that CAM Commerce Solutions (Nasdaq: CADA), the largest supplier of microcomputer-based inventory management and point-of-sales solutions for small- to medium-sized retailers, is managing 12,000 customers, 14,000 qualified prospects and 60,000 service calls per year using Pivotal.

Cam Commerce Solutions, founded in 1983, provides total commerce solutions for traditional and web retailers that are based on the company’s open architecture software products for managing inventory, point-of-sale, sales transaction processing and accounting. The company offers its products on a direct sales and service basis to its 12,000 retailers. Cam Commerce is headquartered in Fountain Valley, California and has offices through out the United States.

“We scoured the industry, evaluating everything from the large-enterprise CRM companies to point solutions and found Pivotal to be the ideal fit for our mid-enterprise business,” said Greg Freeze, COO, CAM Commerce Solutions. “Pivotal is mission-critical to our corporate strategy aimed at capturing market share in our industry. As the competitive landscape in our industry quickly evolves and traditional competitors are losing ground, our effort to gain market share is already coming to fruition.”

The Contact Center: Moving from a Traditional Callback Service to Real-time Model

Since deploying Pivotal Contact Center, CAM Commerce is efficiently handling more than 60,000 service calls per year in its call center, an increase of twenty percent over the last year, and has reduced its staff by sixteen percent due to a significant increase in employee productivity. This outcome has been a direct result of moving from a traditional callback service to a real-time contact center model. Today, when customers call the contact center they get fast, intelligent service. They are instantly prompted to state the CAM Commerce product name. Then, they are immediately connected to an appropriate front-line technician. That technician searches an integrated, dynamic knowledge base and has fifteen minutes to solve the customer’s inquiry. If a resolution cannot be found in that time, the front-line technician logs a report into Pivotal’s CRM software and an escalation alert is instantaneously sent to a specialist, who investigates the issue in depth, finds a solution and rapidly responds to the customer.

According to Greg Freeze, “We selected Pivotal to power our call center initiative because we needed a solution with superior flexibility, easy customization and broad functionality. Using Pivotal, we have created a powerful customer call center, allowing us to increase customer satisfaction, streamline business processes and gain a comprehensive view of productivity across the enterprise.”

Improving Marketing Efficiencies – Increasing Leads

CAM Commerce’s marketing team was given the challenge of creating a marketing strategy to overtake the competition by quickly gaining market share. Pivotal helped the marketing team double its outreach activities by improving planning and budgeting processes. Using Pivotal, marketers are provided with integrated workflow and collaboration capabilities for campaign approval and execution; financial modeling to optimize allocation of marketing dollars; and the ability to track campaigns across the enterprise. The marketers at CAM Commerce have generated more than 14,000 leads, up forty percent from the previous year, and tracked more than 211 marketing projects including tradeshows, executive conferences and seminars. Leads generated from these marketing projects are quickly assigned and automatically delivered to sales teams for fast follow-up – building customer value more effectively and dramatically lowering execution costs.

The Executive Dashboard – Innovation Powered by Pivotal

To keep their finger on the pulse of its business, CAM Commerce has developed an information ‘dashboard’ that provides executives with instantaneous access to corporate metrics. The dashboard, similar to a stock ticker, runs along the bottom of an executive’s computer screen and provides up-to-the minute statistics on departmental performance including number of completed service calls, number of service requests, percentage of closed sales, pipeline outlook and marketing leads. The information displayed in the dashboard is powered by numerous data sources across the organization, including Pivotal’s CRM software.

According to Bo Manning, president and CEO, Pivotal, “CAM Commerce is living proof that CRM done right brings significant, tangible business results. This company has already advanced an aggressive corporate strategy through an innovative CRM initiative that is standardized on Pivotal. CAM Commerce has demonstrated that with the right technology and the right strategy a company can improve sales, marketing and service effectively in just one year.”

Pivotal Corporation offers clear, complete and sensible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that delivers results for a fraction of the cost of typical CRM software. Pivotal’s customers are companies and business units in the revenue range of $100 million to $3 billion. Pivotal and its partners provide the software, services, and support required to produce significant improvements in marketing, sales, and service effectiveness for mid-enterprise companies. More than 1,400 companies globally use Pivotal including: Hewlett Packard, CIBC, HarperCollins Publishers, Hitachi Telecom Inc., Intrawest Corporation, Vivendi, Royal Bank of Canada, Southern Company, and Ziff Davis Media Inc.

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