Pivotal Launches First Integrated Solution Suite for Demand Chain Networks

Comprehensive solution suite fuses the power of CRM, eCommerce, and Web-based selling for customer loyalty and revenue expansion

Redmond, WA, December 5, 2000 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq NM: PVTL; TSE: PVT) today launched the Pivotal Demand Chain Network solution suite at a Web press conference held on Microsoft's Redmond campus. This integrated solution suite, based entirely on XML and Microsoft enterprise standards, enables companies to maximize revenue and customer loyalty by integrating the activities of employees and business partners across all Internet and traditional channels to more effectively make, serve and manage customers. Using the Pivotal Demand Chain Network integrated solution suite, enterprises around the world can now maximize the potential of Web-based selling and eCommerce by creating a flexible, integrated business infrastructure for managing all marketing, selling and servicing processes.

"Pivotal has taken Internet commerce to the next level by creating the industry's first comprehensive solution for demand chain management," said Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal. "In the customer economy, companies maximize revenue by focusing on the needs of the customer and then tailoring marketing, selling and servicing processes to interactively collaborate with business partners and customers to exceed all customer expectations. Pivotal is enabling companies to move their demand chains to the Internet to better understand, engage and service customers with greater intelligence and speed - and to enable them to identify and close revenue opportunities faster than their competition."

Using Pivotal's integrated Demand Chain Network solution suite, companies can network every constituent in the demand chain including employees, business partners and customers. As a result, companies can extend their enterprises through partnerships with retail outlets, indirect sales channels, wholesalers, manufacturers, eMarketplaces and Internet auctions to create and fulfill customer demand.

According to an article by Rod Johnson in the AMR Outlook EAS Alert, November 2000, "Companies, especially large multinationals, will aggressively begin to invest in demand-driven e-business platforms. Pivotal is the only vendor to come to market with a vision and customers for its demand-driven, e-business platform. Pivotal has combined several new business strategies, including demand chain management, business communities, and shared e-business platforms."

The Pivotal Demand Chain Network integrated solution suite is completely XML-based and fully leverages Microsoft's new .NET Enterprise 2000 platform and servers. The suite includes:

Pivotal ePower

Pivotal ePower is a highly scalable, XML-based, three-tiered Internet application infrastructure for demand chain management. The solution is comprised of high performance engines and robust tools for creating sophisticated Internet sites that manage relationships and business transactions between customers, business partners, and employees. Pivotal ePower features powerful functionality including personalization, intelligence, interaction management, advisory services, digital services and eCommerce.

Pivotal eSelling

Pivotal eSelling is a state-of-the-art, Web-based selling solution that enables companies to sell complex products and services over the Internet. The solution performs in-depth needs analysis, provides recommendations on products and services, advises customers on features and options, and configures complex orders with ease and accuracy.

Pivotal eRelationship

Pivotal eRelationship is an award-winning customer relationship management solution that allows companies to increase revenues by synchronizing marketing, sales and customer service activities over the Internet. The solution empowers employees by providing an interactive, Internet environment that features all of the processes, activities and information they require to excel in their roles.

Pivotal eBusiness Hubs

Pivotal eBusiness Hubs are business model and technology templates for Demand Chain Network solutions. These hubs provide the basis for creating intelligent, collaborative Internet environments. Pivotal eBusinessHubs include Pivotal PartnerHub, for managing complex partner networks, and Pivotal CustomerHub, for providing advanced customer service and support.

Pivotal Anywhere

Pivotal Anywhere is a mobile solution for demand chain management that provides access to mission-critical corporate information from anywhere, at anytime, through hand-held devices. The solution empowers business professionals to make decisions with intelligence and speed. It ensures revenue opportunities are acted on with optimal efficiency.

Pivotal Web.NET

Pivotal Web.NET is a powerful delivery system that provides business-critical information and services from a community of Internet services providers. Pivotal Web.NET users have immediate access to the information and services they require according to their roles and needs.

Pivotal Professional Services

Pivotal provides a spectrum of industry-leading professional services to enterprise customers worldwide. These services include eBusiness/demand chain management strategic consulting, implementation services, education services, and technical support.

Pivotal Corporation enables large and medium-sized businesses worldwide to make, serve, and manage customers with superior speed and efficiency by providing XML-based demand chain networks that deliver personalized customer experiences across every touch point in real-time. These networks unify Internet commerce, CRM, eSelling, and wireless technologies to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners, and employees; guide intelligent commerce transactions across multiple channels; seamlessly integrate the demand chain with the supply chain; and fully exploit Microsoft platform standards.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 35 countries and are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base includes more than 1,000 organizations in traditional, commercial and public market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG, Intrawest Corporation, Emerson Electric, US Filter, Ericsson, Nissan Motor Corp., HarperCollins Publishers, Qiagen Inc., Deutsche Bank, Trader.com, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, Inc., NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

Pivotal is a public company traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol “PVTL” and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “PVT.” More information can be found on the corporate Web site at http://www.pivotal.com.

This release contains certain forward-looking statements about Pivotal's solution suite for demand chain networks, the ability of these solutions enable companies to increase revenue, customer loyalty, move their customer interactions to the Internet, extend their enterprises and generally empower their employees. These statements involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors such as failure of demand chain network and Internet business markets to grow as anticipated, the ability to train the sales and service organizations to deploy, integrate and deliver the demand chain network solution, the possibility of technical difficulties or delay in future product offerings, product offering and pricing initiatives of Pivotal's competitors and the continued interest, cooperation and performance of important third parties, such as Microsoft, with whom Pivotal has business relationships. These risks may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those anticipated in our forward-looking statements. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements are reasonable, we cannot guarantee future events. Moreover, neither we nor anyone else assumes responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of forward-looking statements. Jacqueline Voci
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