Pivotal Honors Customer Excellence in CRM, eBusiness, and Demand Chain Networks

Pivotal customers recognized for innovation, vision and business results

Vancouver, Canada, August 30, 2000 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq NM: PVTL; TSE: PVT) today announced the recipients of the 2000 Pivotal "Reach the Peak" Customer Awards. The honored companies include: Intrawest Corporation, NovoNordisk, Alliance Systems, Wind2 Software, Australian Red Cross, 1st Global, Southern Company, Heller Financial, United Business Media and CornerDrugstore.com.

"Pivotal customers represent the most innovative organizations in the world in CRM, eBusiness, and demand chain networks," said Norm Francis, president and CEO of Pivotal Corporation. "Our annual "Reach the Peak" Awards are an opportunity for them to receive our recognition and appreciation for applying our solutions in truly groundbreaking ways to deliver tangible results such as increased revenue and customer satisfaction."

The awards were presented at Pivotal's Worldwide Customer Conference in Whistler, Canada where industry visionaries, global customers and partners convened to discuss XML-based demand chain network solutions.

2000 Pivotal "Reach the Peak" Customer Award Winners

Solutions of the Year:

Best Global Implementation -- Novo Nordisk
This award is presented to a company that has successfully implemented an international deployment of Pivotal solutions. As the world's largest producer of enzymes for industrial use, Novo Nordisk currently leverages Pivotal solutions to manage field sales, customer service, account management, research, regulatory affairs and executive management in more than 40 countries.

Best CRM Solution -- Australian Red Cross
This award recognizes a company that has implemented a company-wide CRM initiative. Australian Red Cross has created a unified working environment that is not only opening the doors for inter-departmental cooperation, but is also facilitating collaboration between state divisions. Using Pivotal's solution, Australian Red Cross is accelerating its fundraising efforts and maximizing campaign initiatives.

Best One-to-One eMarketing Solution -- Alliance Systems
This award is presented to a company that demonstrates leading-edge one-to-one marketing strategies with Pivotal's solution. Alliance Systems, a global leader in Communications Solutions for telephony, data, e-business and wireless infrastructure for the Internet, uses Pivotal solutions to target specific customers with customized programs and campaigns to capture and maintain lifetime customer loyalties.

Best eService Solution -- Wind2 Software
This award is given to a company that extends its service capabilities by using the Internet to connect with and provide customized, multi-channel service to its customers. Recently honored by the Association of Support Professionals as one of the "10 Best Support Web Sites", Wind2 Software has re-engineered their customer service organization with Pivotal solutions to include personalized eService.

Best Services Solution -- United Business Media
This award is presented to a service-related company that is using Pivotal's solutions to add value to the service provided to customers. United Business Media, the largest trade-show provider in the world, is using Pivotal to streamline event management and provide real-time event booking capabilities on site.

Best eMobile Solution -- Southern Company
This award is presented to a company that quickly delivers critical customer and opportunity information to field staff in real-time, thus dramatically improving overall efficiency. By integrating Pivotal solutions with wireless computing technologies, Southern Company, the largest producer of electricity in the US, has become a mobile enterprise.

Vision of the Year:

Best Demand Chain Visionary - CornerDrugstore.com
This award recognizes a company that demonstrates exceptional vision in moving their entire demand chain to the Internet. Using Pivotal, CornerDrugstore.com is uniting community pharmacists online with the most cost-effective, leading-edge eHealthcare solution for conducting eSales, eMarketing and eService in local communities.

Best eSelling Vision -- Intrawest Corporation
This award is given to a company that is breaking traditional sales models by delivering interactive eSelling capabilities to its customers and sales team. Intrawest Corporation is taking the art of exceptional customer service to the next level by allowing online visitors to book vacations and receive personalized recommendations on every aspect of holiday planning including accommodations, ski and golf packages, holiday programs and special promotions.

Best ePartner Management Vision -- 1st Global
This award is presented to a company that is using Pivotal to create a virtual community for partner collaboration. 1st Global's unique partner collaboration strategy leverages Pivotal solutions to provide 24x7, Web resources to its 1,300 affiliates to easily and quickly expand their practices to include services such as insurance, estate, tax and financial planning.

Best Industry Alliance -- Heller Financial
This award is given to a company in alliance with Pivotal that jointly develops, builds and deploys a uniquely valuable industry solution. With Pivotal, Heller Financial is creating eFinanceHub, a very unique solution that will provide financial companies with a turnkey solution to launch private, secure Web sites to collaborate with global customer bases and business partners worldwide.

According to Francis, "Pivotal greatly values each and every customer and recognizes that our success depends on our ability to work with our customers to deliver innovative demand chain solutions that position our customers for success in the Internet era. These awards give Pivotal the opportunity to recognize innovative companies from around the world that have demonstrated excellence in demand-side business with Pivotal's solutions."
Pivotal Corporation enables large and medium-sized businesses worldwide to make, serve, and manage customers with superior speed and efficiency by providing XML-based demand chain networks that deliver personalized customer experiences across every touch point in real-time. These networks unify Internet commerce, CRM, eSelling, and wireless technologies to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners, and employees; guide intelligent commerce transactions across multiple channels; seamlessly integrate the demand chain with the supply chain; and fully exploit Microsoft platform standards.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 35 countries and are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base includes more than 1,000 organizations in traditional, commercial and public market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG, Intrawest Corporation, Emerson Electric, US Filter, Ericsson, Nissan Motor Corp., HarperCollins Publishers, Qiagen Inc., Deutsche Bank, Trader.com, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, Inc., NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

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