LEHMAN BROTHERS joins chinadotcom corporation in OpportunityAsia

An interactive three-city forum exploring the path to monetizing the Internet in Asia

Hong Kong, August 16, 2000 — X chinadotcom corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA; Website: corp.china.com), a leading Pan-Asian Internet company, today announced the participation of LEHMAN BROTHERS in OpportunityAsia, an interactive forum series dedicated to discovering the pathway to Internet profitability in Asia. Hosted in Hong Kong (Convention and Exhibition Centre) on September 19, San Francisco (Sony Metreon) on September 26, and New York (Global Community Sandbox) on September 28, OpportunityAsia will explore the ways and means of creating sustainable value in the Asian Internet sector.

"The Internet has emerged as one of the primary drivers of economic growth and renewal in a resurgent Asia-Pacific region. The Asian Internet phenomenon has created an immense business opportunity for both online and offline companies in the region," said Stephen McKeever, Head of Asia New Media Research, LEHMAN BROTHERS. "We believe that the OpportunityAsia series of forums will provide invaluable insights into how to transform the Asian Internet opportunity into a profitable reality for companies, entrepreneurs and investors," added McKeever.

As a leading participant of OpportunityAsia, LEHMAN BROTHERS will play an active role in the forums by hosting a stream of workshops, titled: "The Battle for the Online Savings Dollar", "Making the Wireless Web Work Outside Japan", and "The Media and the Internet: Assessing the Impact of the New Wired World". The workshops will closely analyze the power of Internet technology as a medium of conducting business. Moreover, the working sessions will be designed and conducted to facilitate optimum participation and involvement by forum delegates.

"LEHMAN BROTHERS' participation in OpportunityAsia will add tremendous value to the forums," said Peter Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, chinadotcom corporation. "A formidable financial company with strong interests and roots in Asia, LEHMAN BROTHERS has successfully navigated the highs and lows of the Asian economy. LEHMAN BROTHERS provides its Asian customers with a great deal of insight and expertise on how to thrive in today's financial world. We are pleased to have such an authority on the Asian economy contributing to OpportunityAsia," added Hamilton.

LEHMAN BROTHERS and chinadotcom will work closely together to enhance the offering of the forums. LEHMAN BROTHERS' contribution will complement chinadotcom's strong reach and position in Asia.

OpportunityAsia is also supported by Asiaweek, FORTUNE and TIME as official media sponsors.

About OpportunityAsia:

In its inaugural year, this dynamic interactive forum brings together New and Old Economy business leaders to share, learn and discuss how businesses in Asia are using the Internet profitably in today's turbulent marketplace.

Following the euphoric financial market of 1999, the global Internet economy has become cautiously critical and favors only those companies with long term viability. Creating and sustaining value from the Internet in Asia is vital to the success of both New and Old Economy businesses alike.

OpportunityAsia is your window on the unlimited and untapped potential that is the Internet in Asia.

More information about the forums can be found at www.opportunityasia.net

About chinadotcom corporation:

chinadotcom corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) is a leading pan-Asian integrated Internet company offering web solutions, portal and online advertising services. Through its three business units, chinadotcom provides a full range of Internet services around the Asia Pacific region that; 1) build e-business strategies and solutions (Web Connection), 2) distribute content via its portal platform (china.com, cww.com, hongkong.com, and taiwan.com), and 3) sell services through online marketing (24/7 Media Asia).

Fuelling the growth of each of these three business units is a synergistic investment strategy that leverages on chinadotcom's existing operational and cost infrastructure.

By partnering with companies that have proven and successful track records, such as America Online, Softbank, Trans Cosmos and Agence France Presse, chinadotcom is well-positioned to create long term shareholder value through its investments.

The company has 28 offices* across more than 10 markets, including Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and USA. For more information about chinadotcom corporation, please visit www.corp.china.com.

* The number refers to offices of chinadotcom corporation, its business units and wholly owned subsidiaries.


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