Intrawest Selects Pivotal Demand Chain Solution For Large-Scale Web Project

Pivotal and Microsoft selected for personalized guest experiences, time-to-market and scalable XML architecture

Vancouver, Canada, July 26, 2000 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq NM: PVTL) today announced that Intrawest Corporation (NYSE: IDR; TSE: ITW), the leading developer and operator of village-centered resorts across North America, has selected the Pivotal eRelationship 2000 and Pivotal eSelling 2000 demand chain network solutions. These Microsoft-based solutions will power Intrawest's new Web destination and revolutionize the leisure industry by offering personalized vacation-planning, reservations and customer relationship management.

"Intrawest is taking the art of exceptional customer service to the next level through the powerhouse technology combination of Pivotal and Microsoft," said Daniel Jarvis, executive vice president and chief financial officer, Intrawest. "Working with Pivotal, we will obtain an enterprise-wide view of our customers that will enable us to intelligently service our vast, worldwide customer base on the Internet and on the ground. We expect to increase loyalty, satisfaction and operational efficiencies."

Intrawest will leverage Pivotal's solutions to fulfill its corporate-wide mission to deliver the industry's highest caliber of customer service in person and over the Internet. The company's innovative strategy will empower customers with Web self-service and employees with real-time Internet collaboration. Visitors to Intrawest's interactive Web site will be able to book vacations and receive personalized recommendations on every aspect of holiday planning including accommodations, ski and golf packages, holiday programs and special promotions. With a company-wide view of every guest, the implementation of this strategy will transcend the Internet to also impact the direct, on-the-ground guest service.

According to Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal, "This project represents a significant milestone in Pivotal's evolution to provide XML-based demand chain networks that unify Internet commerce, customer relationship management, and eSelling. Intrawest is a world leader with a commitment to continually raising the bar for customer service in its industry. Intrawest symbolizes a new generation of large-enterprise companies that are forging new territory using the compelling Internet capabilities of Pivotal and Microsoft to service their customers."

The Intrawest initiative demonstrates the market momentum for Pivotal's demand chain network solutions. Pivotal is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive demand chain infrastructure for managing customers with speed and efficiency.

According to Dr. Matthew Dunn, senior vice president and chief information officer for Intrawest, "The combination of Pivotal and Microsoft will give us the power to personally engage our guests over the Internet and provide a level of service that is unmatched in our industry. This initiative will catapult Intrawest to a new level of eBusiness with the goal of precisely matching the right guests with the right services."

Stan Julien, director of customer and knowledge management strategy, Microsoft Corporation, stated, "Pivotal and Microsoft are an exceptional combination that is powering a new generation of enterprise solutions to meet the needs of world-class companies such as Intrawest. Together Pivotal and Microsoft will provide Intrawest with an Internet solution that will raise the standard for personalized Web customer service and eSelling worldwide."

About Intrawest Corporation
Intrawest is the leading developer and operator of village-centered resorts across North America. The company owns ten mountain resorts, including Whistler/Blackcomb, North America's most popular mountain resort. Intrawest also owns Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in Florida and has a premier vacation ownership business, Club Intrawest. The company has a significant investment in Compagnie des Alpes, the largest ski company in the world in terms of skier visits and a 45% interest in Alpine Helicopters Ltd., owner of the largest heli-skiing operation in the world. Intrawest Corporation's shares are listed on the New York (IDR) and Toronto (ITW) stock exchanges. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia and is located online at

The statements which are not historical facts contained in this release are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Intrawest's actual results could differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, seasonality, weather conditions, competition, general economic conditions, currency fluctuations and other risks detailed in the company's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Pivotal Corporation enables large and medium-sized businesses worldwide to make, serve, and manage customers with superior speed and efficiency by providing XML-based demand chain networks that deliver personalized customer experiences across every touch point in real-time. These networks unify Internet commerce, CRM, eSelling, and wireless technologies to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners, and employees; guide intelligent commerce transactions across multiple channels; seamlessly integrate the demand chain with the supply chain; and fully exploit Microsoft platform standards.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 35 countries and are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base includes more than 1,000 organizations in traditional, commercial and public market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG, Intrawest Corporation, Emerson Electric, US Filter, Ericsson, Nissan Motor Corp., HarperCollins Publishers, Qiagen Inc., Deutsche Bank,, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, Inc., NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

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This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the anticipated impact of Intrawest's Internet initiative, which will use Pivotal's eRelationship 2000 and eSelling 2000 products, on the leisure industry, Intrawest's anticipated increase in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies as a result of the initiative, and the anticipated timing of the launch of Intrawest's new Internet initiative. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these statements based upon a number of factors including dependence on the continued interest, cooperation and performance of Microsoft, the risks involved in developing software solutions and integrating them with third-party software and services, the possibility that competitors will introduce new and improved products and services and the need to compete successfully with existing and new products and services offered by competitors. Pivotal undertakes no responsibility to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management's projections, beliefs of opinions change. Jacqueline Voci
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