Pivotal and webPLAN® Announce eSelling, eBusiness Relationship Management and eSupply-Chain Solution

Leading suppliers of Microsoft-based eBusiness solutions join forces to revolutionize manufacturing over the Internet

Vancouver, Canada, April 17, 2000 — Pivotal Corporation, The eBusiness Relationship Company, today announced a strategic marketing alliance with webPLAN. Inc. The alliance will deliver a breakthrough solution for the manufacturing industry that will combine intelligent eSelling, eBusiness relationship management and eSupply-chain management. This alliance will provide Pivotal with a state-of-the-art eSupply-chain solution for manufacturing companies and will provide webPLAN with a complete eSelling and eBusiness relationship management (eBRM) offering to maximize a manufacturer's ability to provide superlative customer service.

"Knowledge is power in the Internet era. Pivotal helps businesses manage and leverage every available piece of knowledge about customers, prospects, and business partners," said Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal. "Pivotal's marketing alliance with webPLAN will allow manufacturing companies to leverage their corporate knowledge through a complete, end-to-end eBusiness platform that integrates the supply chain with sell-side eBusiness. This combined solution allows Pivotal and webPLAN to provide companies with compelling benefits such as customer loyalty, repeat business, larger orders and seamless business operations."

According to Michael Ker, president and CEO, webPLAN, "webPLAN and Pivotal are joining forces to deliver the next generation of Web-based solutions for the manufacturing industry. For the first time, a manufacturing enterprise can integrate the supply chain, the selling chain, and the 'relationship chain' in a seamless, personalized, Internet-based value continuum that enhances customer service and increases sales efficiency. In the global marketplace, where a world of alternatives is just a mouse click away, personalized customer service is a key differentiator."

The Pivotal eRelationship 2000 and the Pivotal Intelligent eSelling 2000 solutions are the fusion of customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, business portals, and Internet business services. The solutions gather customer data from various points of customer interaction and automatically make this information available to customer-facing employees. This automation of sales, marketing, and customer service relationships between employees, business partners and customers, allows companies to increase revenue by selling more effectively over the Internet and strengthening relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

webPLAN's e-Business solution, webPLAN CeO™, ensures manufacturers produce and deliver products to market faster, and more efficiently than ever before by linking customers and suppliers with the manufacturer, in a private online marketplace. All parties have Internet self-service, 24x7 visibility into supply and demand issues, including available-to-promise (ATP), and the ability to collaborate on the optimization of plans and schedules. The marketplace is fully integrated with manufacturing systems and departments throughout the extended enterprise.

About Pivotal eRelationship 2000 and Pivotal Intelligent eSelling 2000

Pivotal eRelationship 2000 is the first eBusiness relationship management solution completely designed to exploit the world-class scalability features of Windows 2000. It is the only solution that delivers an Internet application platform that embeds specialized eBusiness Engines for comprehensive relationship management on employee-facing, customer-facing, and partner-facing Web sites.

Pivotal Intelligent eSelling 2000 delivers a comprehensive, best-of-breed eBusiness solution for eSelling within an integrated, Microsoft-based solutions architecture. It provides state-of-the-art capabilities for single and multi-vendor product catalog aggregation, advanced personalization, proactive notification, recommendation, configuration, quoting and order management to enable one-to-one and many-to-many relationships between buyers and sellers.

About webPLAN CeO

CeO is the acronym for Collaborative eSupply-Chain Optimization. It integrates supply chain management, product lifecycle management, customer relationship management and strategic and enterprise planning, with tactical execution systems and processes. webPLAN CeO is a strategy and a solution-set for increasing shareholder value with an eBusiness model that integrates self-service, visibility, collaboration and optimization with a web-intrinsic architecture.
Pivotal Corporation, The eBusiness Relationship Company, enables organizations, globally, to increase revenue and improve customer loyalty by providing highly scalable, Microsoft-based Internet solutions for managing relationships between customers, employees, and business partners. Pivotal's eRelationship 2000 solution provides integrated applications for eSelling, eMarketing, eCommerce, and eService, and an industrial-strength Internet platform for building and deploying personalized, intelligent Web sites for customers and business partners integrated with context-sensitive Web portals for front-office employees. Pivotal solutions are designed for Web, wireless and hosted deployment, and are provided on a flexible license, lease, or subscription basis to support a wide variety of business models.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 34 countries and available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base includes more than 800 organizations in traditional, commercial and public market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG, CornerDrugstore.com, Ericsson, Medpool.com, Nissan Motor Corp., HarperCollins Publishing, Deutsche Bank, Trader.com, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

Pivotal is a public company traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol "PVTL" and can be found on the Web at http://www.pivotal.com. This press release contains forward-looking statements including statements about the integration of Pivotal products with the webPLAN solution, and the ability of webPLAN and Pivotal customers to successfully deploy and utilize the integrated products. These statements are based on management's current projections, beliefs and opinions at the date of this press release. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these statements based upon a number of factors including the possibility of technical difficulties or delay in the integration of the products; the continued commitment of webPLAN to the deployment of the integrated solution, the risks involved in developing software solutions and integrating them with third-party software and services and the manner and timing of deployment and performance of the combined solution once deployed by webPLAN and Pivotal customers. Forward-looking statements are based on management's estimates, beliefs and opinions on the date the statements are made. Pivotal assumes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management's estimates, beliefs or opinions should change. Jacqueline Voci
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