New Pivotal eBusiness Solution Sets World Record for eBRM Scalability and Performance on Microsoft Windows 2000 and Compaq

Microsoft Advanced Performance Facility benchmarks Pivotal eRelationship 2000 at 20,000 concurrent users

Vancouver, Canada, February 17, 2000 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL) The eBusiness Relationship Company™, today announced world-record benchmark results proving massive scalability for the new Pivotal eRelationship™ 2000 eBusiness relationship management (eBRM) solution on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform running on Compaq (Nasdaq: CPQ) ProLiant 8000 server with eight 550MHz processors servers. This benchmark analysis, performed under rigorous laboratory conditions in the Microsoft Advanced Performance Facility, confirms that Pivotal eBusiness solutions achieve average sub-second user response times 20,000 concurrent users.

"This epic benchmark marks a new era in Internet scalability and shows that a combined Pivotal-Microsoft eBRM solution can scale far beyond competitive alternatives on any platform, including UNIX, Oracle, and DB2-based solutions," said Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal Corporation. "We believe Pivotal eRelationship 2000 on the Windows 2000 platform is the definitive standard for companies of any size seeking to capitalize on the power of the Internet to increase revenues and build personalized eRelationships with customers and business partners."

According to Kennet Westby, Chief Information Officer of, "As a fast-growing, fast-moving eBusiness company, will take full advantage of the scalability of Pivotal eRelationship 2000 on the Microsoft Windows 2000 platform. We've selected this powerful combination of solutions to meet our requirements as a leading Internet company focused on delivering personalized, collaborative, online healthcare services."

The Benchmarking Process and Results
The Pivotal eRelationship 2000 application was benchmarked using a true-to-life implementation simulation in the Microsoft Advanced Performance Facility. The client load on the Pivotal application was benchmarked using transaction loads created by Segue Silkperformer modeled after existing Pivotal customer environments. Pivotal's middle-tier application server in conjunction with Microsoft Windows Load Balancing System (WLBS), IIS, and MTS processed the requests from the clients.

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 processed the database requests from the Pivotal middle-tier application server. A six gigabyte database containing relevant information for 500,000 companies and 2,000,000 contacts was used for the testing. The workload was based on real-world customer scenarios that represent eBRM activities for 20,000 users in a wide cross-section of industries.

The benchmark successfully created a load on the application server of 20,000 users. This test was run for 7 hours and the average response time for the individual users was sub-second. "Pivotal's eRelationship 2000 takes advantage of everything that the Windows DNA platform has to offer, including SQL Server 7.0," said Paul Flessner, vice-president of SQL Server and middleware development, Microsoft Corp. "This benchmark clearly demonstrates that not only does the Windows DNA platform offer superior time-to-market and cost of ownership, but also that Windows DNA applications can scale beyond the needs of even the largest enterprise or e-commerce customers."

"This performance test demonstrates Compaq, Microsoft and Pivotal's leadership in providing cost-effective, scalable and reliable industry standard platforms for supporting the demanding requirements of relationship management solutions that fully leverage the Internet," said Paul Santeler, Compaq VP of Enterprise Servers, Industry Standard Server Division. "Based on this test, Pivotal customers should feel confident in their ability to deploy Pivotal's eRelationship 2000 solution on Compaq ProLiant Servers with Windows 2000."
Pivotal Corporation, The eBusiness Relationship Company, enables organizations, globally, to capitalize on the power of the Internet and increase revenue by providing highly scalable, 360° eBusiness relationship management (eBRM) Web, wireless, and hosted solutions for eMarketing, eSales, eCommerce, and eService that engage customers, business partners, and employees in personalized, one to-one relationships. The Pivotal eRelationship 2000 eBRM solution provides personalized, intelligent, self service relationship hubs for customers and business partners integrated with a unified digital workplace for front office employees. Pivotal solutions combine eCommerce, business portal, and customer relationship management capabilities within a flexible, scalable, standards-based architecture ideally suited to the needs of B2B organizations seeking to merge the power of the Internet with traditional business models. The Pivotal eRelationship 2000 solution holds the current eBRM world record for scalability on the Microsoft Windows 2000 business Internet platform, benchmarked at 20,000 concurrent users averaging less than one second in response time. Pivotal solutions are exclusively to optimize the Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 operating platforms.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 34 countries and available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base comprises over 700 organizations in traditional market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG,, Ericsson,, HarperCollins Publishing, Deutsche Bank, FOSS,, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

Pivotal is a public company traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol "PVTL." This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding the anticipated performance of Pivotal's recently released product, Pivotal eRelationship 2000. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these statements based upon a number of factors including the possibility that actual performance will not duplicate test results, dependence on the continued interest, cooperation and performance of third parties, particularly Microsoft and Compaq, with whom Pivotal has business relationships, the risks involved in developing software solutions and integrating them with third-party software and services, the possibility that competitors will introduce new and improved products and services and the need to compete successfully with existing and new products and services offered by competitors. Jacqueline Voci
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