Pivotal Announces Breakthrough B2B Web Solution that Fuses eCommerce, CRM and Business Portals

Pivotal eRelationship 2 enables new generation of Internet Relationship Hubs-personalized, collaborative Web sites for increasing revenue through eBusiness Relationship Management

North Vancouver, BC, October 4, 1999 — Pivotal Corporation (Nasdaq: PVTL), a leading provider of B2B customer relationship management and eBusiness solutions, today announced Pivotal eRelationship™ 2, a breakthrough B2B Web solution for increasing revenue by enhancing relationships with customers and business partners, and conducting personalized online commerce. The Pivotal eRelationship 2 solution fuses an advanced eCommerce server-the Pivotal eRelationship CommerceServer™ - and an intelligent business portal, the Pivotal eRelationship SmartPortal™, with Pivotal's customer relationship management (CRM) applications to establish the first all-Web platform for eBusiness Relationship Management (eBRM).

"Today, Pivotal is launching the new era of eBusiness Relationship Management," said Norm Francis, president and CEO of Pivotal. "This new technology fuses the power of customer relationship management, eCommerce and business portals to produce more revenue for companies. To thrive in the Internet economy, companies must nurture one-to-one 'e-relationships' between employees, business partners and customers. That's the vision of eBRM and the goal for Pivotal eRelationship 2-to provide an advanced Internet infrastructure for managing every individual relationship, every business channel, every interaction, every transaction and all data relevant to B2B eCommerce."

Extending significantly beyond traditional customer relationship management and eCommerce, the Pivotal eRelationship 2 B2B Web solution enables companies to create Web sites that automate all facets of marketing, sales and customer service relationships between employees, business partners and customers. These Web sites, or 'Internet Relationship Hubs,' offer employees, business partners and customers unprecedented online services for one-to-one interaction, commerce transactions, personalization, collaboration and analysis. Through the powerful new Pivotal eRelationship CommerceServer and easy-to-use Pivotal eRelationship SmartPortal, the Pivotal eRelationship 2 solution integrates corporate data, personalized catalogs, online order processing and in-context Internet services to redefine traditional customer relationship management and eCommerce.

"Pivotal eRelationship 2 capitalizes on major trends we are seeing in the customer relationship management market to merge eCommerce and CRM, and to deliver front office applications over the Internet,"said Chris Selland, vice president, customer relationship management & Internet computing at The Yankee Group. "With over 65,000 users globally, Pivotal is tapped into the needs of this market, and they have a consistent track record of listening to their customers and reacting quickly with highly innovative solutions like Pivotal eRelationship 2."

To maximize the power of the Internet by delivering real-time and job-related Web content fully integrated with the Pivotal eRelationship 2 solution, Pivotal is also announcing the Pivotal B2B Syndicate™. The Pivotal B2B Syndicate is a select group of companies that are providing real-time content, applications and services to users of Pivotal's eRelationship 2 Web solution. The Pivotal B2B Syndicate includes leading Internet companies from a wide variety of industry categories including: sales effectiveness, sales incentive management, information asset management, eCommerce, interaction management, Web collaboration, data mining, marketing analysis, lead optimization, travel, news, sports, professional services management, email response management, wireless access and company profiling. The Pivotal B2B Syndicate dramatically expands the capabilities and resources available to users to increase job performance and effectiveness.

"The Pivotal eRelationship 2 eBRM solution represents an exciting opportunity for our business," said Doug Stang, director of corporate information technology at Holophane Corp., winner of the 1999 Sales and Field Force Automation Magazine Customer Interaction Award. "The ability to integrate our employees and customers in a collaborative Web environment, and integrate customer relationship management and eCommerce in a single Web solution, will give us a significant selling and service advantage."

About Pivotal eRelationship 2

The Pivotal eRelationship 2 eBRM solution is a comprehensive, fully-integrated, all-Web product family consisting of three primary Internet application suites: Pivotal eRelationship IntraHub™, Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub™ and Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub™. The Pivotal eRelationship solution combines the award-winning capabilities of Pivotal's flagship customer relationship management brands, Pivotal Relationship 99 and Pivotal eRelationship, with a context-sensitive portal interface, the Pivotal eRelationship SmartPortal™, and a robust commerce server, the Pivotal eRelationship CommerceServer

Pivotal eRelationship IntraHub is an Intranet solution for marketing, sales, and customer service employees. This solution unifies front office operations within the Pivotal eRelationship SmartPortal to enable sales, marketing, customer support and operations staff to target prospects, decrease sales cycles and provide exceptional customer support. The solution offers multiple client access options for both network-based and mobile users, including thin and active Web browsers, 32-bit Windows clients, Windows CE devices and Windows Terminal Server or Citrix clients.

Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub is an extranet solution that allows online collaboration among employees and selling partners such as VARs, distributors, dealers and service providers. By enabling business partners to fully collaborate in activities with front office employees in sales, marketing and customer service, companies can develop a comprehensive understanding of their customers, boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, close deals faster and increase effectiveness of cross-selling and up-selling.

Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub is an advanced eCommerce solution that provides eMarketing, eSales, and eService capabilities to prospects, customers and business partners via the Internet. Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub includes the industrial-strength Pivotal eRelationship CommerceServer, in addition to powerful capabilities for online profiling and customer self-service. Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub enables customers to access robust eCommerce services that deliver fast response times, 24-hour availability and excellent customer service.

Pivotal Corporation is a global supplier of 360° eBusiness Relationship Management solutions that enable organizations to increase revenue by enhancing relationships with customers and business partners and conducting personalized online commerce. Pivotal's eBRM solutions fuse eCommerce, customer relationship management and business portals to automate sales, marketing, and customer service relationships between employees, business partners and customers over the Internet and corporate networks.

Pivotal's international distribution channel consists of direct salespeople, certified value-added resellers, systems integrators, technology partners and distributors. The company has more than 600 customers worldwide with more than 65,000 licensed users. Customers include Yahoo, Excite@Home, BottomLine Technologies, Micrografx, Hewlett-Packard Co., UNOCAL, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Intel Corporation, Siemens Electric Ltd., USG Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Holophane Corporation, The Principal Financial Group and Sun Healthcare Group.
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