Pivotal Launches eCRM for Partner Collaboration and One-To-One Customer Relationship Management on Web Sites

Pivotal eRelationship™ enables new era of Internet Relationship Hubs

Boston, MA, November 30, 1998 — DCI Sales and Marketing Conference - November 30, 1998 - Pivotal Corporation, the leading developer of mid-enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) applications for the Microsoft® BackOffice® platform, today announced Pivotal eRelationship™ - software for managing enterprise Web relationships. Pivotal eRelationship is a next-generation "eCRM" application suite that consists of two integrated Web applications that enable companies to build Internet Relationship Hubs for conducting online marketing, sales and customer service with enterprise Web customers, sales and service partners, and prospects. The first application, Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub™, provides a company’s sales and service partners with personalized access to selling, marketing, and customer information that allows them to collaborate over the Internet. The second application, Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub™, enables companies to extend Web sites with interactive capabilities for one-to-one marketing and customer self-service.

Pivotal eRelationship is the first turnkey software application suite fully dedicated to managing relationships with Web customers and partners and to fully integrate Web-based eCRM with Pivotal Relationship® 99/SQL7, a powerful front office CRM system for sales, marketing, and customer service employees. This provides businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to extend CRM beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise and to integrate all customer data into a shared database repository accessible to employees, customers, and business partners from Web sites, desktops, notebook computers and Windows CE devices. A 100 percent pure Internet application, Pivotal eRelationship only requires users to have a Web browser.

"Internet Relationship Hubs will change forever the way companies interact with their business partners and customers," said Norm Francis, president and CEO, Pivotal Corporation. "With Pivotal eRelationship, the Web becomes an eCRM hub where business partners and customers conduct personalized business, and where a myriad of front office activities are unified to result in one-to-one marketing, selling and customer service. Put simply, the first companies that exploit the potential of Internet Relationship Hubs will have an unparalleled competitive advantage."

"Using the Internet for interactive marketing, selling and self-service is the buzz in the CRM industry today," said Tim Bajarin, president, Creative Strategies Inc. "Pivotal eRelationship is a very promising application, because of the way it seamlessly integrates the Web with the existing CRM model, and especially because of the way it brings selling partners online to interactively collaborate in the CRM process."

Integrating 360° Front Office Automation With One-To-One Marketing Over the Web

Pivotal eRelationship is the first application suite to provide seamless integration of customer information from Web-based marketing, selling and customer service with information gathered by front office employees throughout the traditional marketing, selling and customer service life cycle. Pivotal eRelationship extends corporate Web sites with powerful eCRM applications designed specifically to facilitate one-to-one business interactions and transactions with e-prospects and e-customers. Pivotal eRelationship is seamlessly integrated with the award-winning Pivotal Relationship 99/SQL7 customer relationship management application for front office employees in sales, marketing, and customer service. This tight integration offers companies an unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of multiple customer relationship channels to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business.

Revolutionizes Channel Partner Management

Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub is the first application to enable companies and their sales and service partners to interactively collaborate on the customer relationship management process over the Internet. Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub includes modules for collaborative sales, collaborative orders, collaborative marketing and collaborative customer service. Sales and service partners are provided with secure access to shared customer data and customer relationship action plans and management tools, including sales leads and opportunities, marketing tools, and customer support incidents. Utilizing the Internet as a ubiquitous and highly available network infrastructure, sales and service partners have 24 x 7 access to Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub interactive applications that help close deals and build stronger customer relationships.

One-To-One Marketing, Selling and Support Over the Internet

Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub provides three modules that enable one-to-one Web interactions, and that transform data captured on Web sites into valuable information that can be used to ensure that marketing and customer service programs and products are meeting customer needs and interests. These include modules for one-to-one prospect registration, prospect profiling and customer self-service. Encouraging continuous communication to assure long-term customer satisfaction, Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub enables prospects and customers to register and profile themselves, access corporate information, and self-solve their problems.

Pivotal eRelationship Pricing and Availability

Pivotal eRelationship will ship in February 1999. Both applications are bundled with a single-user version of the award-winning Pivotal Relationship 99/SQL7 product for front office users. The Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub application is priced at $50,000 for up to 25 sales and service partners, and the Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub application is priced at $10,000 for up to 100 Web business customers. Company-based licensing includes unlimited individual Web users.

Pivotal Corporation enables large and medium-sized businesses worldwide to make, serve, and manage customers with superior speed and efficiency by providing XML-based demand chain networks that deliver personalized customer experiences across every touch point in real-time. These networks unify Internet commerce, CRM, eSelling, and wireless technologies to manage collaborative relationships between customers, business partners, and employees; guide intelligent commerce transactions across multiple channels; seamlessly integrate the demand chain with the supply chain; and fully exploit Microsoft platform standards.

Pivotal solutions are sold in 35 countries and are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese. Pivotal's worldwide customer base includes more than 1,000 organizations in traditional, commercial and public market sectors and the new digital economy, including KPMG, Intrawest Corporation, Emerson Electric, US Filter, Ericsson, Nissan Motor Corp., HarperCollins Publishers, Qiagen Inc., Deutsche Bank, Trader.com, Southern Company, Lucent Technologies, Inc., NEC, Deloitte & Touche, Principal Financial Group and Red Cross Australia.

Pivotal is a public company traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol “PVTL” and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “PVT.” More information can be found on the corporate Web site at www.pivotal.com.

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